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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Sept. 1, 2016

Not much of a choice in presidential election

A response to a letter by Don Gurney on Aug. 6, yes, it’s a privilege to vote. You missed the point. Look who’s running!

You have Hillary Clinton that has the experience but cannot be trusted. Will she follow in Obama’s shoes and do exactly nothing? Or will she try to address the issues? She says she will, but I doubt it. She is a typical politician — all talk and no action.

And then there’s Trump. Does this man have more confidence than intelligence? Look at what he says, it’s like he’s an idiot with no intelligence at all. Every time he opens his mouth it’s so stupid. Does he not think before he speaks? We would be in such turmoil if that moron gets it.

We need someone with intelligence, honesty, a doer, not sit back and do nothing. We need big changes. Something Hillary or Trump can’t do.

Ruth Berg

Carson City