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Letters to the editor for Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013

Owning a pet is a right, not a privilege

Regarding the letter “Owning a Pet is a Privilege,” let’s get one thing clear from the start. Having a pet of any kind is not a “privilege,” it is a right of all free people. The privilege comes from loving, caring for and protecting the pet from all things detrimental to the well-being and safety of your pet. Permission (license) from anyone does not create loving care of a pet.

A pet, at one time or another, may display an inquisitive nature and cross the line of protection, but that does not mean that one in charge of caring does not care.

To kill one’s pet after the person has come forward is totally unacceptable to the sense of decency. If brutality is not evident, nor an issue, not a living soul has a right to judge the person who claims to care. Granted there are people who make a lousy attempt to care for their pet (or pets) so at times the pet seeks attention or friendship elsewhere if they can. And if the wandering pet is a nuisance to someone else’s pet or property, then and only then does a person have the right to judge that person’s claim to care.

Bottom line: If a person’s pet is no harm to you or yours, you have no right to sit in judgement of another. And if a person chooses to seek permission or a “granted” privilege from anyone, so be it, but please refrain from trampling on another’s right.

William Barwig


State collecting funds for unused services

As some of you know, I moved from Nevada on July 1. On April 5, I had renewed the 2013-2014 Nevada registration on my car for $469. On July 26, I removed my Nevada license plates and registered my car in California. On July 29, I mailed my Nevada license plates to the Nevada DMV which they received Aug. 2. I requested a refund of $359 for the unused 9 months of my registration fee — return of that prepaid for services not provided.

Since I did not move from Nevada for health reasons and I am not a resident of Nevada, I was refused any refund as per the Nevada Revised Statutes 482.399. All other services — newspapers, utilities, trash collectors, etc. refunded that prepaid for unused services to be rendered.

However, the state of Nevada seems to think their law excuses them from the fact they have stolen my money. (I thought I moved from Nevada, not the thieves of California!)

Are there any attorneys that would like to sue the state to force them to refund my and any other’s money along with substantial punitive damages for such an illegal act of collecting money for unused services?

Call me at 925-270-3532.

Stuart Posselt

Concord, Calif.