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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Conservatives working hard to preserve states’ rights

Regarding the letter on April 1, “What Happened to States’ Rights,” by Wendell Newman, we are trying to preserve them, because without certain controls on a federal level, there will not be any such thing.

And, yes — the same is necessary for federal controls, in a democracy this is always so, no doubt an acceptable balance will be found, but will not satisfy everyone.

Certainly, uncontrolled immigration is future disaster for any existing system in a democracy, as are excessive limits. We need out existing system to continue with whatever modifications we agree on, but open sanctuaries without rules do not sound like the best way.

As example: When my mother and I (a 17 year old at a time when one became adult at 21) arrived in the USA in a totally legal way, we were advised that there would be no public aid or assistance until we were citizens of the USA. We wanted to be legal and proper in every way, considered this ruling to be reasonable and acceptable. Since many people enter the USA, certainly many do not demand public support. There are now many more who might expect support, or to harm the country, so we now need to be more in control of who may be allowed permanent residence.

Pete Harding