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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Laxalt promises to protect Nevada education

As a former member of the State Board of Education and the Nevada Assembly, I’m someone who supported Gov. Brian Sandoval’s efforts to reform and significantly fund Nevada’s K-12 education system. In that regard, I’m pleased to learn that Nevada gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt is supporting those Sandoval legislative reforms and promising he “will not scale back public education funding,” if elected Nevada’s next governor.

I’m also encouraged to see that Laxalt has embraced parental choice options and an outside-the-box approach to career-focused education (CTE). I also like his support for a faster approval process for new public charter schools while also ensuring that poorly performing charter schools should either be reformed or closed.

Nevada’s education system is crucial for our economic success. It’s refreshing to hear that at least one candidate for governor understands that it will take a real commitment to significantly improve our schools to make the prospects of a “New Nevada” a possibility.

Pat Hickey