Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 26, 2016 | NevadaAppeal.com

Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dramatic climate change is obvious

In an attempt to debunk the climate change “fairy tale” with “real science,” Steve Yeater cites a 2007 IPCC finding that the airborne fraction has varied little since atmospheric CO2 levels began being measured directly in 1958. I fail to see how this casts climate change in any different light.

Of the tens of billions of tons of carbon dioxide we dump into the atmosphere every year, around 43 percent of it remains in the atmosphere. That’s the so-called “airborne fraction.” The other 57 percent is absorbed by vegetation and the oceans. While the airborne fraction has remained fairly constant since the industrial revolution, the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased dramatically. In fact, CO2 levels are currently the highest they’ve been in 15 million years. That’s why we’re seeing dramatic climate effects all over the world, including right here in Carson City, where summer high temperatures are eight degrees warmer than they were 30 years ago.

Rich Dunn

Carson City

More legislation won’t curb gun violence

I have heard recent reports that the anti-gun groups are gearing up to push for more legislation here in Nevada. I have a suggestion. Let’s just cut to the chase and put in place the same guns laws that have been instituted by Chicago.

Latest stats from Census Bureau — 364 gun deaths in 2010 in Illinois. Now hold on to your hats, are you ready for this? Drum roll please! Stats for Vermont — gun deaths are a staggering two in 2010! For the same year, Nevada reported a grand total of 84 guns deaths. Now in 2015, first half of the year, latest stats available — 216 gun deaths (Chicago Tribune). Chicago is considered to have the toughest in the country. Gee whiz, those laws seem to be really working for them.

One other point — Hillary has claimed that all the guns that have come into New York came from Vermont. Huh! Seems she and/or her staff have not done their homework. This is not true.

Also, with the so-claimed loosey-goosey gun laws that are in Vermont — guess what? The crime rate is extremely low. Especially gun related crime.

Carlynann Johnson