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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Country falling prey to socialist hands

Welcome to the “Socialist States of America.” I pray not! Whether or not you have recognized this threat to the United States of America, socialism, and all the evils thereof, is alive and well, and has cunningly and cleverly been embedded into the soul of our country — this by its proponents, both internally and externally.

My paternal grandfather came to America in the mid-1880s from the Genoa area in Italy. He was well aware of the dangers associated with extreme governments and entities and truly appreciated the gift of our founders — limited government of, by and for the people; life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; opportunities to elevate the common man. He was also aware of the fragile nature of our concept of government — a constitutional republic — to which Benjamin Franklin added, “If you can keep it.”

Well, folks, limited government is in short supply in our country. My grandfather died in 1971 and was saddened as his fears were on display ever more intensely. I have watched for decades as the evils of socialism infiltrate our society.

Socialism thrives on hate and divisiveness. It enslaves as it leads to totalitarianism rule, with the so-called elites having no concern for the populace. Public servants they are not, thus the demise of the founders’ gift. What a shame!

I encourage every citizen to study the political philosophies throughout history and to peruse the book “The Road to Serfdom” by Friedrich von Hayek. Citizens, be aware. Our country is on the road to serfdom. The generations who follow us deserve better.

Oh! That we can right our ship of state! That she may sail on as a beacon of light, truth, and hope!

“Sail on, oh ship of state.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Claire Bostic

Carson City