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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017

Not in our backyard

As concerned Carson City residents, we are dismayed at a recent Planning Commission recommendation to the Board of Supervisors to expand current zoning regulations to allow marijuana distributors in Limited Industrial zoning as well as General Industrial.

Limited Industrial zoning directly adjoins Residential zoning in many areas of the city and was originally intended to be somewhat of a buffer between the two zones.

Distributors would be allowed to transport as well as temporarily store small amounts of marijuana on the premises. This would lead to a need for increased security and policing. It also would mean depressed property values and a diminished quality of life for residents in that neighborhood.

Carson City residents didn’t vote for recreational marijuana; if we have to have it in our city for tax revenues, let’s concentrate it in just a few locations in General Industrial zoning where tight controls can be established and monitored.

Chris and Adrienne Freeman

Carson City