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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013

Aid those in need; tolerate those with different beliefs

It’s not a perfect world, irreconcilable differences occur. Even at local communities, drugs and crime dominate our culture. It’s up to the individual to practice making peace in their own little world, treating people as you find them and not taking the opinion of others. Follow a “live and let live” policy. Have faith in God, but be reliant in all things.

People are entitled to live their own lives without government interfering. There is a need to be tolerant to all, especially to those whose beliefs and convictions differ from our own. To be caring and sharing to those in need, to aid those with disabilities of body and mind, to practice brotherly love for all.

In all situations do your best and let the chips fall where they may. All our good intentions may not please everyone. It is not uncommon to find a few people who point out our flaws and blemishes to others (character assassins). These people soon lose respect and credibility with men and women of good will. We are all on a journey of life, limited by years; why not try to be good in little things, leaving the pursuit of riches and power to those who lust for them? It’s better to leave a good name and good works as a remembrance for those who loved us.

James McMullen

Carson City

Library critic wastes energy on tearing other people down

After reading the letter from Fred Voltz, I am again writing a letter to the editor. Carson City, indeed the whole world, would be a much better place to live in if everybody would focus on something positive that they could do with their lives instead of being negative and tearing down others.

I have been accused of having rose colored glasses, but I love our wonderful Carson City Library and everything about it. Perhaps it’s because of my childhood experiences, growing up with a library family, checking out a stack of books every week from the friendly and helpful librarians at our small public library. I am passionate about libraries. I visit them wherever I go. I wonder if Mr. Voltz had unhappy experiences at his public library early in his life to make him so negative now.

Yes, our librarians have been industrious and knowledgeable enough to receive numerous government grants to bring our library into the 21st century, funding the @Two Digital Learning Center now so popular on the second floor of the library. Similarly, grants were received to fund the “Branch Anywhere” installation at the Boys and Girls Club. I applaud those at the library who are able to get federal funds and other money to supplement the funds from the city.

Mr. Voltz, please find something positive to do with all your endless time and energy and leave the Carson City Library to those who use it regularly as I and so many others do.

Frieda Ford

Carson City