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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Aug. 8, 2017

Considerations about healthcare options

While reading many opinions regarding healthcare, I think we need answers. What specific qualifications are required and who determines who qualifies for Medicaid? Is it income, inability to work, or the right connections within government? We’ve been told all three categories could qualify, or not, depending on connections. Are guidelines flexible? All immigrants who claim “political asylum” and refugees are eligible for food, housing, free education, everything for three years.

Rules that existed years ago must have expanded because the Boston bombers’ family remained on welfare. Former President Obama, having lived in Indonesia during his formative years, qualified him for free college, too. Or was that “fake” news?

A young single mother I know, who is not presently working due to health issues, cannot afford Obamacare premiums, nor can she afford $1,000 in IRS penalties. A young single man who maintains skilled, labor jobs, paid $4,000 in premiums last year with $6,000 deductibles. Every year he would have to pay $10,000 before receiving any medical care. How does that make sense?

I’ve spoken with many others who are devastated by the effects of Obamacare. Elected officials cannot seem to comprehend the fact the middle class or those hoping to enter the middle-class working status cannot survive with Obamacare. My daughter with disabilities, when able to work, never received above minimum wages; however, never in her life has she ever received Medicaid. Only the wealthy, those with employer-based insurance, and the poor are meant to survive under these circumstances within Obamacare.

Donna Simpson

Carson City