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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017

Quality of mail delivery on the decline in Carson City

How many of you are as fed up with the consistency or lack thereof of our local postal delivery service? I have noticed a few other letters in recent weeks regarding this theme.

In days of yore we could rely upon the dedicated and consistent mail service. Many of us have bills to pay and many of us wait for the delivery of paychecks, Social Security checks and a myriad of others checks that we use to pay these bills. We attempt to be response and on time with our payments.

For some rather strange and unknown reason, our once reliable mail service has gone “south.” There no longer appears to be the consistency that it once had. For years I and others would know the time of day our mail would arrive at our mailbox, or at least know within an hour or two.

The delivery seems to be haphazard. I see the little blue and white mail trucks driving around the streets at all hours of the day irrespective of zip code locations. Now with daylight saving in effect and deliveries getting later and later, it is quite frequent to venture out at dark to peek into our delivery boxes with the hopes that we have received our mail, sometimes we are successful, other times not so.

If you can’t seem to get your collective “trucks” on schedule, could you at least tell us what seems to be the problem; perhaps we can join ranks and lend a hand. I have a rally fast bicycle and would love to help out.

Joel Flamenbaum

Carson City