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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014

Fair Tax replaces income tax, targeting only consumption

Democrats and Republicans “reformed” our tax code in the late 80s. It took less than 30 years to completely mess it up again. The good news is that the Ways & Means committee is looking at a bill that will fix the problem once and for all. It’s HR-25, the Fair Tax plan.

The Fair Tax completely replaces our present income tax and gives citizens immediate control of their taxes. It is a tax on consumption, which means you pay taxes only when you choose to consume something new or use a service. And the first $11,500 per person per year (the currently defined poverty level) is not taxed. Therefore, no one pays taxes on necessities, a big break for low-income families. But the income tax benefits legislators and lobbyists. Tax deals keep both of them employed!

Tell your congressman that you demand the Fair Tax. Tell him to say farewell to the income tax and the IRS — or say farewell to his job! But it won’t happen unless you act now!

John Vettel

Carson City

Republicans should stick with party and help fix mess

News that Republican notables Sue Wagner and Neena Laxalt have left the GOP and re-registered as non-partisans, thereby disenfranchising themselves for the June primary, has been given widespread media attention. The Nevada Republican Party’s fumbles, foibles and flights of far-right extremism have been well documented, most recently in a media stampede over the party’s national committeewoman, a Ron Paul supporter, praise for National Security Agency leaker and espionage fugitive, Edward Snowden.

Less well-reported is the effort of Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, who enjoys broad popular support and a 60 percent approval rating, to recruit and endorse a Republican team of like-minded, smart, able candidates to be his allies in Carson City, including state Senator Mark Hutchison for Lt. Governor and Adam Laxalt for Attorney General.

Rather than leave the GOP and lose their vote in the primary, Republicans and Republican-oriented registered non-partisans should be encouraged to register Republican and help nominate in the June primary well-qualified, electable candidates for the November general election.

Jim Hartman