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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014

Compare mercy flight with Obama’s Air Force One flights

To those who may be complaining about the release of an Air National Guard aircraft for civilian use, a mercy flight, I suggest you get your priorities in order. This was a one shot deal to possibly save the life of a critically-ill woman. Well, who is going to pay for this air time on the aircraft, fuel, etc.? Let me put it in a proper perspective.

Our beloved president takes a vacation to Hawaii flying there on Air Force One. If you believe Air Force One is a single aircraft, I have news for you: there are two Boeing 747-200s that always fly together — just in case! The numbers on tail feathers are not AF1 or AF2. The particular plane that contains the president for that particular flight gets the designation of Air Force One. Cost!

Now let’s take a look at what just the fuel per Hawaiian vacation costs the American taxpayer. Each of these 747s have four GE CF6-80CB1 engines — a total of eight engines going to Hawaii. Also, figure in the power of each engine is 56,700 pounds of thrust. Powerful? You bet. Fuel hungry? Yes!

Another way to look at the differences: Gov. Sandoval’s Air National Guard mercy flight— approximately 440 miles, one aircraft. President Obama’s vacation flight — approximately 7, 075 miles, two aircraft. Air miles are one way. I can guarantee you the Nevada Air Guard aircraft was not a Boeing 747!

If you have any complaints about Gov. Sandoval and a mercy flight to save a life, I suggest you compare the mercy flight versus Obama’s vacation flights.

Hal Fedick


Changing policies for pot reek of hypocrisy

I feel this country is becoming hypocritical. Over the decades, I have seen all the work and money that went toward getting Americans to stop smoking. Along with that, there have been many programs covered by grant money to stop children from trying or using drugs. One program that comes to mind is the DARE program. Now laws are being passed to implement the use of smoking marijuana for medical purpose. Along with the medical use, many are jumping on the bandwagon to get recreational marijuana smoking laws passed.

Now, to me, if something alters your mind, it will alter how you act, work, walk, and your reaction time. Not only that, but there probably are health concerns to go with it.

The last thing is yes, they will drive after using it. They do now and it is not legal to use.

Bill and Marie Sweetwood

Carson City