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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014

Health care providers were victims of hospital shooting

On Sunday, Jan. 19, at 11:30 a.m., a shooting occurred at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center. Composed, quick-thinking staff neutralized the situation, and Carson City Sheriff’s Office responded within four minutes. The suspect was apprehended and taken into custody. No further physical injuries occurred, and Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center returned to normal operations by 4 p.m.

What has been lost in the media coverage of this event is the impact on what I believe were the “other victims” of this act: the health care providers. These professionals have spent many years training to do what matters to them most — provide care and comfort to those who are ailing. I can verify this as a clinical professional myself, as well as by my daily observation of the dedication our staff commits to their patients.

Health care professionals are typically not inclined towards controversy or strife. They come to work with one purpose, to selflessly provide compassion and comfort under sometimes stressful and trying circumstances. Many of you have witnessed this firsthand, and I am frequently provided examples while out in the community.

In order for me to ensure our hospital remains a sanctuary of healing and safety, it is incumbent upon me to forego emotions surrounding the circumstances of the situation and what has subsequently been portrayed in the media.

Policies are in place that prohibits weapons in our facilities and I cannot condone the actions taken on that day. Further, while this situation was contained expeditiously, the potential of devastating injury to other patients, staff, and visitors was extraordinary. Carson Tahoe staff and physicians deserve to work in a safe and secure environment. Not only is this a reasonable expectation for them, it also provides for the best care to the community we serve.

Ed Epperson

Carson Tahoe Health, president and chief executive officer