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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014

Obamacare charges fly in the face of basic logic

My wife and I are seniors and I am covered by the VA. We have had a separate health insurance policy for her for years. As the annual cost went up, we have had to make it a $5,000 deductible catastrophic care policy at a cost of $448 per month.

My wife received notice from Anthem last month that the new premium was going to be $759 per month. When she picked herself up off the floor, she called them to ask why. She was told that this was the new premium to be in compliance with Obamacare. There is now additional coverage that has to be included. Part of this additional coverage is that she has to have maternity coverage to be in compliance with Obamacare. My wife is over 60, and I am 72. We have no intention of having any more children. But we must have this additional coverage to be in compliance with Obamacare.

Per the Associated Press last year, Mr. Obama gave the IRS $477 million to hire more agents and set up to handle Obamacare. He then spent $200 million establishing and fixing the website. There are 315 million people in the U.S. Mr. Obama could have given each of us $2 million and let us be self-insured. Let me see, $3,600 additional premium for my wife’s Obamacare, or the $100 fine. Which do I pay?

Mike Enright

Carson City

Intersection project isn’t worth the cost

The Muscle Powered organization wants to spend a large amount of money to have an underpass or overpass at the intersection of Highway 395 and Interstate 580. Why is that intersection different than the rest of the intersections in Carson City? Should we build overpasses over all of them? There will not be any more safety problems with a biker or a walker stopping at a traffic light at Interstate 580 than the rest of the intersections. Also, there are very few walkers or bikers on 395. There are enough other projects where that money could be used.

Walt Ratchford

Carson City