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Letters to the Editor for Tuesday, June 18

Columnist’s writing falls short

Ann Bednarski’s shallow commentary last Saturday plus her past commentaries indicate three things. She has a hatred for our President, she cannot provide a well-informed, substantive column for the Nevada Appeal (NA) and she needs to get a life!

She ruminates on past issues that have been dealt with and does not give us any positive thoughts on how to change our country. Even though I may not agree with other commentaries in the NA, they do provide substantive opinions.

The Nevada Appeal needs to look at the content of her commentaries and are they worth the paper they are printed on.

Last year the NA stopped Janice Ayres’ contribution to the paper. Janice had done more for our community and for our country then Ann. She gave informative commentaries on the state of our community and senior life.

If the Nevada Appeal wants to survive, the editor needs to provide more positive and intelligent reporting. How can the NA justify keeping Ann in print?

I ask Ann and the NA to look at the last three lines of the Shakespearean quote she made as it reflects her writing.

“It is a tale told by an idiot,

Full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.”

Margaret Konieczny

Carson City

City needs options for youths

It seems to me that all Carson City cares about is the casinos and wasting money on freeway art.

What is there to do in Carson? Well you could go gamble, drink, or go bowling. This is great for people over the age of 21. But what about the kids, there is nothing for them to do but drink, use drugs and go to jail. We ask why the jails are full. There are a lot of young adults in the system and I think if there was more things to do for the kids, crime would go down and it would help keep our youth off drugs.

We could have a dirt bike track or a center filled with activities and people who took time to actually sit down and listen to what kids have to say. I think if Carson City switched its priorities, youth here might have a chance. We say that the youth is are future, well let’s start giving them a future and lets all fight against kids on drugs and underage drinking. I can’t, but we can as a community.

Michael Fletcher

Carson City