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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trump’s tariffs sound like a good idea

Dear America,

I do not understand why the right side of the political aisle, along with some misguided Republicans, are so dead-bent against President Trump’s newly imposed tariff on imported steel and aluminum?

During Reagan’s time in office, in order to help American manufacturing that struggled in the ‘70s, he imposed a tariff on both imported material and automobiles. The results were successful.

Before they were imposed, Japan was “dumping” or selling certain products below market prices to gain market share. After the tariffs, Japan started to play by the rules.

Reagan’s tariff on imported automobiles had a positive effect on the sales of American-produced automobiles, and many overseas automobile manufacturers began to start opening plants stateside in an effort to bypass the tariff. Many more Americans obtained work within these factories; some that are still established stateside today.

Some worry Reagan’s tariff would increase the prices of products, but instead it resulted in an opposite effect by allowing American companies and its products to play on a standardize field, thus creating healthy competition.

If Trump’s proposed tariff will conclude with the same positive results that Reagan’s experienced with many American companies and its community reaping the rewards of a solid and competitive business, I say go for it, Mr. Trump.

Perhaps this will result in places like China and Mexico to quit sending us their substandard products due to the fact that they are the only products available, and once again we Americans can take pride in buying products with the “MADE IN AMERICA” label.

Donald Jackson

Carson City