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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Board is doing the wrong things

Regarding John McKenna’s letter of March 6 and his comments praising the performance of the Board, specifically himself, Crowell, Bonkowski and Abowd. McKenna was a disappointment as a Board member, and he was replaced by voters. He had campaigned to represent citizens’ interests and then supported rate/tax increases and the elimination of the only north/south arterial street running through the city. Utility development fees were cut and annual rate hikes were imposed on rate payers to provide future capacity for development. The board delayed increasing development fees, continuing the burden on rate payers.

The board raised taxes to eliminate Carson Street as a north/south arterial by narrowing it to one lane in each direction downtown. Increased traffic congestion and decreased vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian safety on adjacent streets will result. There’s been no meaningful public discussions informing the public of congestion and safety issues by the board, staff, consultants, RTC, CAMPO or Muscle Powered. Citizens were told the adjacent streets could handle the additional traffic.

The board does not spend money efficiently and appears to let its ego and/or personal business interests take priority over what is best for the citizens. City grand juries had reformed utility rates and fees but have been reversed. Crowell, Bonkowski and Abowd continued rate hikes and initiated new taxes in favor of special interests and their own agendas. One board member said doing nothing is not an option, but unfortunately for the city, doing the wrong thing is an option for these board members.

Jay Ahrens

Carson City