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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Senators putting GOP ahead of Constitution

For years, the GOP has wrapped itself in the Constitution, going as far as to carry a copy around in its pocket to prove how important it is to its core belief. The Second Amendment has become almost a mantra that has reached the level of religious scripture! But apparently, like many people read the Bible, they are willing to just take the parts they like and dump the rest!

Senators, and yes, I mean you, Dean Heller, promised to uphold that document when you were elected. You are not doing that, and you seem proud of it. You lied to the people who voted for you and you had your hand on the Bible when you did it. It is your duty to consider and confirm a Supreme Court justice. President Obama has fulfilled the duty he swore to do. You are trying to re-write the Constitution to suit your own needs.

It is wrong to put your loyalty to, or possibly fear of, the GOP ahead of your obligation to serve the people who trusted you with upholding the Constitution. It is wrong. Just plain wrong.

Gerrie Hord