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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016

America will survive under Trump, and without Reid

Trump’s biggest cheerleader and supporter since early January. He got us the Senate and kept the House in Republican control. Middle class America has spoken, and this includes not only white Americans, but Americans of color and Americans of many cultural backgrounds.

I guess we are all fed up with business as usual. The country was stagnant for eight years. My wife and I were looking forward to Obama’s promise of transparency in government — didn’t happen.

Many Democrats (notably those “protesting”) say Trump isn’t their President. Sorry to disappoint, but he is everyone’s President.

Well, as my cousin said when Obama was elected: “We survived Bush, you’ll survive Obama.” Now I can say to her we survived Obama, you’ll survive Trump.

Harry Reid is one of the worst at denigrating Trump, so glad he will be gone. My wife and I were embarrassed that he was a Senator from Nevada. The most corrupt politician in Washington, D.C., as far as I am concerned, with all his back room deals. Thank God and Greyhound he’s gone (almost).

Brad McCleary

Carson City