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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016

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Columnist’s voting logic is faulty

I would like to tell people why I am a former loyal reader of Guy W. Farmer’s commentaries.

His Oct. 2 commentary started out great but ended with him stating he opted to vote for “none of the above.”

I would like to tell Mr. Farmer it will be his and other staunch Republicans who vote the same that will put Ms. Clinton in the White House.

So if you, Mr. Farmer, and other Republicans vote for none of the above or vote for a candidate that can’t win, you can be proud that you have doomed our country to another four (possibly eight) years of Obama.

And furthermore, I cannot believe that you, Mr. Farmer, as an intelligent man, could actually believe that Mr. Trump as president could or would push “the nuclear button.”

Jean Hamilton

Carson City

Mayor Crowell exemplifies outstanding leadership

As our mayor, Bob Crowell consistently leads us with strength, integrity, and honesty. He is an active leader who gets things done by bringing all of the stakeholders together, getting everyone to share their concerns, build a group consensus, and then actively move forward. How another candidate running for mayor can put up political signs with their name and emphasize real leadership is so very confusing to me. In the nearly 20 years that I have lived here, I’ve seen few leaders exhibit the leadership skills like Bob Crowell consistently does.

As mayor of Carson City for the last eight years Bob Crowell has exhibited leadership through one of the worst economic downturns we’ve had in recent times. He’s not only kept our city from falling into harder times, he’s also managed to keep it growing. We have more open space, more recreational areas, and more walking trails and bike paths than we ever had in Carson’s history. More and more businesses are moving in and we are building homes here again. A great deal of this is due to his positive and inclusive leadership. For more than 20 years I’ve heard revitalizing the downtown area, yet nothing ever got beyond the planning stages.

With Bob Crowell’s leadership, we now have a newly revitalized downtown that will continue to grow and thrive!

Please help us continue to positively grow by reelecting OUR mayor, a person who consistently exemplifies with best kind of leadership, Bob Crowell!

Brian Reedy

Carson City