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Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016

Vintage at Kings Canyon is wrong for Carson City

I am appalled that the developer of the Vintage at Kings Canyon has been allowed to play fast and loose with our master plan and zoning regulations in order to place a commercial enterprise in the middle of a strictly residential neighborhood.

This exclusive 55-plus-only compound in one of Carson City’s last large open spaces will be surrounded by a fence with only a few gates and some new roads cutting through peaceful dead-end streets.

Other than a small park and a jogging/bike trail around the perimeter, Carson City residents will not be permitted to take advantage of the amenities. Having restaurants and other businesses within the compound will contribute little to our downtown economy.

Outside of the compound, long-time homeowners will be subjected to light pollution, stress on our scarce water supply, increased traffic from 24/7 shift workers and drivers unaccustomed to snow. Our emergency services are already overburdened. What will these new residents do when doctors refuse to take them as patients because they’re on Medicare? Or when they discover that 911 doesn’t respond to coyote howls? I am writing to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to urge them to vote NO on this project.

Suzanne Fox

Carson City