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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Disagreeing is one thing, name-calling is another

In response to the letter by Bill Pyatt on March 28, I take extreme offense to the last paragraph of the letter, labeling Democrats as “socialist communists.” Is there any proof Democrats are communists? FYI, not all Democrats are what you claim. I’m sure Republicans aren’t either.

I defend the greatest constitution ever written and respect the amendments. I defend the Second Amendment, which has been lost in translation, but I am against, totally, assault rifles that belong in the military, not in the hands of a mentally challenged person. Our military is mighty and I have faith it will defend and protect me, us, and keep us as safe as possible.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it state it’s OK for someone to use these weapons to kill our children. Something has got to be done without compromising our amendments. The NRA needs to rethink its stance and help find a solution we can live with.

I respect Mr. Pyatt’s right to free speech (First Amendment), but he has stepped over the line with his assessment of Democrats, people he knows nothing about. It’s OK to criticize, but name-calling is over the top.

I agree education begins with the parents. If you have children, what are you teaching them? Hate?

So, Mr. Pyatt, think twice before using the word. An apology to those people would be a nice Christian gesture.

Phyllis Skamel

Carson City