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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Mayor Crowell serving with integrity

Like many Carsonites, we opposed the commercial pot sales approval. Bottom line, it’s not, in the long run, good for our kids. The future will require more sobriety for all emerging work demands. And Mr. Hartman is correct, the impact on law enforcement will impact our already stretched resources further. There will be an effect on public safety.

However, attacking Mayor Bob Crowell’s integrity is just plain wrong. We also think it’s more than a little mean spirited. Question the decision but not the honesty of this Navy veteran, who has served both the state and city for his entire career.

Anyone who knows him believes any of his actions were based on what the Mayor thought best for Carson City.

Let’s keep the debate about issues, not personal attacks on character.

Pam and Steve Robinson

Carson City