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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Downtown redevelopment is ruining Carson’s charm

The downtown business owners we have, along with our real estate developer commissioners and other graft leadership, have pushed through their pet project, regardless of the advice of many of us. They’re going to be disappointed.

The owners think accessibility is going to bring back their business, when in fact we’ve bypassed this town, and what is the draw, really? Outside of a couple of casinos there is an overabundance of restaurants and bars of questionable appeal, a pawn shop, and a few gift emporiums.

These so-called leaders believe they’re U.N. compliant walkable downtown core is the key to stability. They want to draw high tech companies and have upscale retail and downtown living for the new world order, but they don’t know the lay of the land. All the viable tech for the future is sewn up by the big players who are spending billions building they’re corporate kingdoms over on the bay, and this is a Walmart and fast food town.

The future here is manufacturing and support businesses for the Kings of Commerce. If leadership wanted to do something useful they should rezone and begin developing the north end of town to accommodate it. What they have going now is only going to ruin what little charm we have left in this town.

Kelly Jones

Carson City