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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017

Editor’s note: Roy Place submitted the following email exchange from his friend Bob Larsen, who penned a poem in honor of Robert Slaughter, who passed away on Aug. 2.

“Last Wednesday (Aug. 2) I assisted in trying to save the life of a golfer that had collapsed on the eleventh hole. It was about 2 in the afternoon. I was inspired by the young mother who had reached the scene before I had arrived. We had 911 on the line and all I could do was encourage her to keep on with the procedure. She was doing CPR and his golfing buddy was breathing the mouth to mouth but it was too long before the medics arrived and we lost him. The young mother was most emotional and did her best and would not let me relieve her so I went back to her car to care for her baby. I sat down later in my garage and wrote the attached short poem bout the loss of this fine man.”

The Twelfth Tee

(In memory of Rob Slaughter)

He died that day

On the 11th green;

Perhaps it was

An ending dream

To play the game

He loved the best

To be his final

Place of rest.

His life-long buddy

Kneeling there

To breathe him last

Of earthly air.

A passerby was

Close at hand

Intent to save

This fallen man,

She pumped and pressed

And screamed aloud!

His life was fleeing

To the cloud.

She was an angel

Sent to his side

He knew how much

She cared and tried

To save his life

For another round,

But to a greater game

He was bound.

Though he died so sad

On hole eleven

He parred the 12th

On the greens

Of Heaven!

Bob Larson

Carson City