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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2017

Too much noise on weekday nights

Anyone who has ever read a general lease agreement for rental property will notice that one of the benefits afforded to tenants includes a clause regarding quiet enjoyment of premises or similar wording that means a person is entitled to enjoy their domicile without the infringement of noise pollution. However, our Board of Supervisors, in its infinite wisdom, has not only allowed loud outdoor concerts/events in our residential areas but has encouraged and promoted them.

One example is the Brewery Arts Center on the West Side of Carson City. Friday and Saturday outdoor concerts are one thing, as are annual events such as “Taste of Downtown,” revenues of which benefit our community. Most of us (not all), do not have to rise early the next mornings. Sunday and weekday outdoor events are quite another. Most office workers must rise early Mondays, school children must rise early, etc. The music — especially the boom, boom of the bass — on Sunday and weekday nights is detrimental to sleep as it reverberates great distances from the point of origin. I would suggest that the members of the Board of Supervisors be required to spend at least 50 percent of their nights in close proximity to those events they have approved in order to experience first hand their impact. Perhaps restricting the noise level would be a compromise? There must be many residents on the West Side who find the nighttime noise intrusion to be annoying in a residential area? “Loud” is not a synonym for “enjoyable.”

Vivian Austin

Carson City