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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013

Airplanes are ruining the environment

When will the newspapers acknowledge the fact of chemtrails and weather modification? Carson City and its surrounding areas reside in an area of high pressure, so we should be getting about 300 sunny days per year, but this is not the case because planes are spraying aerosols and creating cirrus clouds which influence storm systems. Why do you choose to allow the masses to remain ignorant of this? Do reporters no longer look up into the sky? Why do they not notice that what are supposed to be “contrails” are expanding into clouds and taking over the whole sky? Why does nobody talk about this secret when it is hidden in plain sight?

It is harmful to the people as well as the environment, and it needs to stop immediately. The only way to stop it is to acknowledge the fact that it is happening, but how is that going to happen when the number one news source for most older people (the newspaper) refuses to do any real reporting on the issue? Daily we are being poisoned by our own government. Why does the media refuse to talk about this? Why are you not providing the community with vital information like you are supposed to?

Every day I wake up and see a giant chemtrail poisoning the sky above me. I will write a letter to the editor of the Nevada Appeal. I’ll do this until your front page says, “Sky being sprayed with aerosols, proof of weather modification.”

David Castle

Carson City

Carson man receives, pays it forward

This morning I was the recipient of a totally unexpected gift. An anonymous stranger paid for my meal. Of course the first thoughts through my mind were, “Why me?” Did I look like I needed my meal paid for? I didn’t think so. Did I look military? Nah, the Marine Corps were too many years back. Looking around I didn’t see anyone I recognized, even faintly. In the end, I could only accept the gift in the manner it was given, but still with my thanks.

However, it comes to mind that this is the type of gift that I can’t keep for myself, but rather pass on in the same manner on which it was given me. That way my anonymous benefactor will have my thanks and of others. Hey, this gift could keep on giving.

Eldon Fulwood

Carson City