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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018

Ban assault weapons now

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is wrong. Now IS the time to do something about assault weapons. Assault weapons are for the military. One uses them when assaulting an enemy position. Extreme firepower is necessary to close with and defeat the enemy.

Conversely, assault weapons are necessary to repel an attacking enemy force, using extreme firepower to suppress enemy fire. Assault weapons are not needed for hunting or self defense. A hunter should not need more than a few rounds to down a target. Similarly, a person defending his or her family or home does not need to spray 30 rounds inside their home to stop an intruder. In both instances, rifles, shotguns, or hand guns are sufficient.

I have a CCW permit and I carry every day. We are not against guns. We are against innocent people being slaughtered. We cannot let this go on anymore. Assault weapons need to be banned from being owned by the public.

Sens. Heller and Cortez-Mastos and Congressman Amodei: You need to act now. Sponsor legislation to ban assault weapons. We, and hundreds of thousands of other Nevadans, are watching. Forget your party affiliation for now. You are American citizens first. Enact legislation that protects American citizens. Thank you.

Michael Shore