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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014

Residents make city a great place to live

I was just saying to some friends how happy I am to be living in Carson City, when someone anonymously paid for my late breakfast at the Nugget! What a heart warming holiday gesture to be passed on.

What a great city and residents! Best wishes to all.

Louisa Vanderlinden

Carson City

Girls ignored warning to stay way from deer

I’m uncertain if I’m writing to bemoan the arrogance of youth or ignorance of youth or to seek public absolution.

Two teenage girls approached a herd of deer in my yard this afternoon and followed them down the street. When the girls returned, I warned them about the danger of wild animals, citing two incidents of friends’ dogs being attacked by does.

The girls stated that they had just petted one and that deer respond differently to people than dogs. When I persisted in my warning, I was snidely thanked for my concern but summarily dismissed with the reproach, “I can make my own decisions.”

What more can one do? I enjoy seeing the deer in my neighborhood, but I give them a wide berth: though urbanites, they are indeed still wild animals.

Tom Strekal

Carson City