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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018

Amid Trump mayhem, 2018 may turn out grand

Dilly, dilly to Robert Simpson. Spot on rebuke of LaSor, Fox “Noise” and the rest.

Trump said he was a “stable” genius. For a man who doesn’t read, listen, and is semi-illiterate, he is far from a genius. However, the “stable” factor might be acceptable. After all, he is full of equine manure. And millions of us are chomping at the bit, with unbridled passion, to run this con man out of town on the horse he rode in on.

We all grew up with someone who downright lied. And they would constantly use the phrases, “I wouldn’t lie to you, I’m being honest with you, believe me.” Trump’s favorite two words. “Believe me.” Closely followed by “witch hunt” and “no collusion.”

Several fact-checking organizations have Trump approaching 2,000 outright lies by the end of his first year. More than 3,000 utterances of “believe me” and the incessant blaming of Hillary, Obama, FBI, U.S. Intelligence agencies, Democrats, legitimate press of our nation, anyone except himself. Four of his staff have been indicted or pleaded guilty to the FBI. Treason by Trump and his kids is not out of the question. Obstruction of justice is certain, as is impeachment as soon as GOP control is purged from Congress.

Trump, or as his staff calls him — moron, idiot, dope — is distrusted by more than 60 percent of the American people. The only thing worse than his defecation on our democracy is the shameful stench of the Republican Party’s abrogation of their oaths.

Yes, Mr. Simpson. 2018 may just turn out grand.

Rick Van Alfen

Carson City