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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obama needs to stay out of civil matters

Could someone please enlighten me why our president is getting involved with civil matters? First he runs his original campaign trying to divide us on social economical status (one percent vs. 99 percent campaign). Now he’s out to separate us by race.

Whatever happened to once someone is judged by a group of their peers in a court of law the final outcome is accepted? Why is our president making his thought publicly known and in the process placing the presidential seal on the divisions of the races? If a youth being killed by an adult is such a major issue that the president has to weigh in, why did we not hear about him getting involved with the Marley Lion killing last year in South Carolina?

Myself, I think Mr. Zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter because he had the choice to not place himself into the situation. Unlike our president and other special interest groups, I do accept the court’s final decisions.

Is another ploy of Obama’s office to divert focus away from their lack of addressing important issues within our country? I for one would like the immigration system to be repaired so honest immigrants coming to our country by legal means should not have to wait years and spend thousands to become citizens. Those knowingly breaking the laws should be dealt with accordingly and not rewarded as the Obama administration wishes to do. As I see it, a president should lead by example to unite, not divide.

Donald Jackson

Carson City