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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do we really need medical marijuana establishments?

I am curious as to why Carson City would want medical marijuana establishments in the city at all? What is the benefit? Will those establishments contribute such a large tax return as to offset the negatives? Are there really so many people in need of medicinal marijuana in this city to really support those businesses?

Most legitimate studies on the subject regarding increased crime from these dispensaries have admitted that not enough is known at this time to say for certain one way or another if there is an increase in crime. Law enforcement agencies have stated that they believe there is a relation to crime increases around the facilities. Since there is no law mandating that medical marijuana establishments must be created, why is there a push to do so?

At this point in time I have yet to see any explanation why these types of “businesses” are needed in Carson City.

David Knighton

Carson City

Enduring aesthetic values

Your use of “traditional” to describe Robert Darney’s design for the Citibank building belies the fact that the building has merits its competition lacks. It observes two principal laws of aesthetics which the other ignores. (Yes, I believe there are laws of aesthetics, just as there are laws of physics.)

The first law is the golden ratio given us by Pythagoras 2,600 or so years ago. It shows itself in the building’s proportions. The second is of multiple transitions when going from one space (outdoors), to another (indoors). Here, Darney builds a social environment outside the building, reminiscent of with that within.

It is unfortunate that these laws are routinely ignored. Traditional architects and builders followed them, even if they couldn’t express them. That is why their buildings are so pleasant to be around. Tradition here is not all yearning for the “good old days”. It’s about enduring aesthetic values.

Michael Goldeen

Carson City