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All the tired horses in the sun

I was sitting at my computer recently when one of my doggies, Tofu, the cairn terrier, started barking like someone was trying to get onto the property, which they would have to climb the fence to do.

I got up and went out the front door and let her out too, to see what she was barking about.

I was totally surprised to see about 20 or 30 horses, including about five colts, heading up Iroquois Trail in front of my house. I figured they would be looking for water, so I went over to fill the tub I keep out front for them and filled it with water (while Tofu continued to bark).

They must have been thirsty. They were almost fighting over the water. I took Tofu back inside and went out again to fill the tub with more water.

The horses were leaving, heading up the hill. I refilled the tub … in case they came back again. I’m not going to wait for them. It’s getting dark and I figure they’re headin’ home. That was quite a surprise though, especially since horses haven’t been around for quite a while except for a few and sometimes only one!

Next day I went to pay my water bill and saw the horses again wandering around. The SGID manager said they were in the park across the street too. One of my neighbors said they saw about 200 of the horses when they headed to Fernley a couple days later.

Mary Santomauro