Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 28, 2017 | NevadaAppeal.com

Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why it’s a good thing the U.S. opted out of climate accord

Recently in the Nevada Appeal, there was commentary from the usual global warming/climate change crusaders. To hear them talk you would think that all the polar icecaps are going to melt and the seas will rise, swamping coastal cities across the globe. Any discussion with them usually includes the comment, “the science is settled,” and that 97 percent of scientists agree that global warming/climate change is mostly due to the influence of mankind.

There was incredible consternation over the withdrawal, by President Trump, from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Of course they make little mention of how phony this “agreement” really is.

Some of the largest polluters on the planet (China, India, Brazil and Mexico) are allowed to continue their polluting ways for the next 20 years while the U.S. is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions even more than current levels at the expense of billions of dollars. Perhaps before rushing into these dubious regulations a little more research on the influence of our sun to our climate is in order.

An article from the Danish Meteorological Institute states that a “natural cooling cycle that occurs every 230 years began in 2014.” We should all be able to agree that polluting our planet is bad, but we should also be able to agree that more study is needed.

In addition, a real agreement that treats countries the same should be our goal, not the one-sided Paris Accord.

David Knighton

Carson City