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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Progressives are dangerous to Nevada

I would like to thank Linda Deacy in her response to a letter I wrote on May 13, thank you again.

Ms. Deacy pointed out facts that I was aware of but I wanted to see if anyone else knew or cared about three candidates I mentioned.

All three of the ones noted are from Las Vegas and have been residents there for some 40 years. I doubt any have ever been in or worked in a farming or mining situation or know anything about how or what goes on in rural Nevada.

None of the three are native Nevadans; I’m guessing all of them are progressive Democrats, and if you remember we had a progressive Democrat as president and he and his administration completely ran this country into the ground.

The state of Nevada does not need any progressives in state government. I’m not saying that Republicans can do a better job than the progressives, it is better than electing more Obama types to office.

I was disappointed in the last state election because Las Vegas dominated the returns and the attitude was they will do it their way and the hell with everyone else. It ruined the nation while Obama was there and it will ruin Nevada if we put any more Las Vegas types in office. If we continue to put progressives in office with some conservative Republicans, our grandchildren could end up in a communist- or socialist-controlled government.

Bill Pyatt