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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Editor’s note: Jenny Schnabel wrote the following poem about Capital City Circles Initiative, a program that helps impoverished families achieve self-sufficiency. To find out how to volunteer with the program, call 775-883-6506.


Poverty, poverty

Such a bad name

Everyone’s loss

And no one’s gain.

All different people

Races and creed

All hands are out

They’re all in need.

“Circles” are good!

“Circles are bright!

Giving hope to people

Where there wasn’t a light.

We need to by allies!

It comes from the heart.

To help someone new

To give them a start.

It’s all about change

Do something new

While we’re helping them change

We will change, too.

It’s a new way of thinking

Hope for the day

Resources and support

To help them on their way.

“If wishes were horses,

Beggars would fly.”

We know that won’t happen

And we know why

Anything you achieve

Comes from hard work

Not sitting on the sofa

Being a jerk.

So please join with me

Be an “ally” today

Let’s make them all champions

With our help in their way!

Jenny Schnabel

Carson City