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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jenny Schnabel wrote the following poem after attending Winter, Wine & All That Jazz, a fundraiser for the Brewery Arts Center on Saturday.

Brewery Arts Night

“NAA” all around

Bring the arts to Carson City

Let the “Brewery” be found

Watercolor, oil, acrylics too

Ceramics, theater and music

What will you do?

Saturday night was a gala affair!

Walked the red carpet

There were stars everywhere.

Robin took pictures

As we all walked in

The gallery looked lovely

It was a win-win

Wine tasting, beer tasting

Vodka and more

Water for teetotallers

But who would keep score?

The hors d’oeuvres were great!

A palate’s delight

Mitch and his crew

Did it up right.

The entertainers were great

The band, singers, dancers and such

How very fun

Such a nice touch!

Supporting the Brewery

What a great night!

Let’s encourage the arts

It’s a creative delight!

Jenny Schnabel

Carson City