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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Parents can make a difference to reduce gun violence

People have gathered in cities, towns and what have you to protest gun violence in the schools. I have some advice for them. Instead of walking the streets and banging your drums for this issue, I would suggest you start at home first. Sit down with your own kids and find out what they are up to and who they hang out with and what their position on life may be. What are they doing in school and what kind of grades are they getting? Have they gotten any recognition for any extra or outstanding work they have turned in?

Instead of letting them to be on their own as soon as they turn out to be a teenager, you have to stay on their butt until they are paying their own way and not swinging off your refrigerator door.

If you did not plan on sharing your life with an offspring, you should have either worked things out in a cold or hot shower or stayed out of the marriage game. Once that kid is born, you have a responsibility of either keeping his or her diaper changed or sticking it out until they ask to use the car to go on a date.

Once they are gone or moved on, then you can do whatever you want to do. Up until that time, you have the responsibility of that child’s every waking moment.

As a reminder, the NRA did not load or fire those guns in those shootings and the Socialist Communist Democrats would like to control your life and disarm America. Don’t let that happen.

Bill Pyatt