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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014

See you next year at the fair

Congratulations to the four of five supervisors who cast their vote to continue the existence of the Nevada fair, although held at bay for the seed money afforded. Could it be that the dissenting board member did not attend the fair?

Perhaps the seed money could be recovered by the sale or recycling of the ornate downtown sidewalk fence folly that was mysteriously erected and eradicated. Maybe a new fence will be purchased for the next planned downtown beautification folly, the one that is in the works.

I was a volunteer to help organize the fair and also a daily volunteer the five days the fair was open. I held my own informal survey gathering information from attendees.

Most of all fair goers were impressed, except for the northbound visitors on 395 that had to pass the fairgrounds before a sign directing vehicles to the parking area at the Fandango was visible. This problem will be corrected next year. Many visitors commented on the cleanliness of the grounds, the entertainment and the good food available. All comments were positive and informative and all were hoping the fair would continue.

Kudos to Marena Works, deputy city manager, and Susan Taylor, fair manger. Their expertise and hard work is truly commendable; the fair could not have been so well organized or possible without their ongoing dedication.

Also, hats off to the volunteers whoh put forth their efforts handling many necessary tasks helping to ensure the fair was a success. See you next year!

Al Nicholson

Carson City

Don’t be fooled in Supervisor races

Voting will start soon. Be sure to vote in our Supervisor races. Those are the most important for local policy.

Remember that two of the candidates have already voted to raise your water rates.

Two of the candidates have also raised your tax on everything you buy in order to help their business friends and to fund their idea of a “wonderful” downtown using your money to fulfill their own goals.

Inconvenience you? Who cares! You have to pay? Who cares! It is their progressive dream, not mine. I know who I’m voting for. Don’t be fooled by lofty rhetoric. Please, show up and vote!

Michael Tipton

Carson City