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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2013

Principal should jump on hosting Division 1 tourney

I am asking Principal Beck to reconsider the “if” he has on hosting the Division 1 state soccer tournament for the boys and girls. You have a talented varsity boys team and your junior varsity boys team consists of a team that is ranked No. 1 in Nevada Club Ball for their age bracket (look up http://www.carsonfc.org; the team is named “Manchester United,” Boys under 14).

These are good boys that work their  tails off on the soccer field as well as the books. These “ifs” you quoted … “If we host a second-round playoff football game, and if our football team is on the road, blah, blah, blah, we could do it. As Nike says: just do it!

For the pride in the state, for the pride in the city, for the pride in the community, especially the Hispanic community, and everything else that represents “champions,” give the boys and girls soccer teams a chance to shine. Host the Division 1 state soccer tournament.

Sunni Enciso Heinrichs

Carson City

Why can’t we hire someone with experience at shelter?

Why do we keep hiring people for the dog pound with no animal experience? With two failed hires from the building department already, Gail Radtke and Pat Wiggins with no animal experience, William H. Brandon from Washington has taken over as interim manager at animal control — also with no animal experience. His $40 per hour job for temporary out-of-state manager and housing is about an $80,000 a year job. What are we getting for this $80,000? With salaries like this, what is left for the animals?

What we need is someone with animal skills, people skills and hopefully some compassion! The United States Humane Society 2010 report cited 103 pages of problems with Carson City animal control. To date, few of those problems have been fixed. Why weren’t the problems taken care of? I am so disappointed in our elected officials that you let these problems happen at our animal control that once was a four star operation.

Dixie L. Horsmon

Carson City