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Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014

Woodbury responds to Rombardo letter

For several months, I have tried to show voters what kind of a District Attorney I would be with a principled, professional, hard-working campaign.

That’s why it was disappointing to read Mr. Rombardo’s letter on Saturday. He’s entitled to an opinion on the race. And, although it’s not my style, if he chooses to express his opinion as an attack against me rather than approval of my opponent, that’s up to him. But he doesn’t get to be untruthful.

He says I haven’t “tried a high profile murder case.” It will disappoint Rick Albrecht’s family to learn that his murder wasn’t sufficiently “high profile” to satisfy Mr. Rombardo’s standards. Along with Anne Langer, I prosecuted that murder.

He says I have never taken a “sex case” to trial. Crowley v. State is a landmark decision on child sexual abuse. I tried that case, won convictions on multiple charges, and defended the verdicts at the Nevada Supreme Court.

He says I’m supported by defense attorneys. That’s true, but misleading because he ignores that I am the only candidate endorsed by the Carson City Sheriff’s Supervisory Association.

He misrepresents my stance on the hospital. I have started a conversation to understand their position on rape kits and where there might be common ground. This is smarter than trying to bully them, which hasn’t exactly worked out for our community.

I thank Mr. Rombardo for one thing. His letter demonstrates — quite ably — how desperately change is needed in the District Attorney’s office.

Jason Woodbury

Candidate for Carson City District Attorney

Cook explains why he’s better candidate

Hi, I’m Dave Cook and I’m running for state Assembly, District 40.

Why am I a better choice than my opponents?

1. My 25-plus years of experience and service as a public official on a local school board in my community, and for the region as an elected official on the State Board of Education representing all of Northern Nevada.

2. My understanding and experience with the legislature developed by working with the largest single component of the Nevada state budget, which is the K-12 education budget that supports all schools.

3. Concern for all our county’s residents and the health of the municipal budgets which provide the services that support senior citizens, police and fire protection, and local community cultural events and the arts.

What is the most important issues in my race?

It’s really all about improving the quality of life here in Western Nevada. We need to provide other effective funding sources for: state employees deserve to have bargaining rights as all other public employees have. 2. Public schools for infrastructure and capital needs and technological enhancements. 3. Community colleges for new vocational programs, such as in the growing medical technologies area. 4. Senior citizen services. 5. Public safety, fire safety, and emergency response services. And community cultural events and the arts.

New approach to taxes: We require a new approach to our current tax structure in Nevada. Our needs for increased state, municipal and education funding are very real.

Thank you for your support!

Dave Cook

Carson City