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Letters to the editor, Friday, July 25

Muth should look in the mirror

Chuck Muth’s most recent column (right wing screed) exposes his right-wing idiocy. He endlessly rants against the government as he has for years.

His most recent contribution provides examples of the stupidity he so despises regards government stupidity and claims how it has infected the private sector providing examples of his experiences with Verizon and another corporation. Those corporate entities have very little to do with government incompetence. They represent the incompetence of corporate America.

It reminds me of Ted Cruz’ filibuster where he read “Green Eggs and Ham” on the floor of the Senate and not having the brains to realize it just proved the opposite point. There are several states that have elected right-wing governors, Maine, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and Kansas to the liking of Muth.

All of those states, after imposing the stupidity that Muth so despises are currently experiencing the devastating effects of his philosophy of no government. The people of Kansas are ready to take Brownback out for how his insanity has destroyed the Kansas economy. I guess solid empirical evidence does not trump the ideology of Muth. They just keep on pursing counterproductive policies. And he says he is intolerant of stupidity? Hey Chuckie, look in the mirror.

Vince Coyle

Carson City