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Letters to the Editor Jan. 28

Sue Lowden offers no solutions to our problems

Just a short time ago, the Nevada Republican Convention was held in Reno. If you remember correctly, it was a total dismal failure. The outrageous infighting among the delegates resulted in a hung convention. The Nevada Republican Party was held up by national media as a joke.

I was there, and it became apparent that the leadership of the convention could not conduct, control, lead or bring the delegates to a majority support for one viable candidate.

Who was in charge of this chaos? None other than Sue Lowden, the state director of the Republican Party. She could not handle her own convention responsibilities, why does anyone think she can stand up to the chaos in Washington?

In hearing her speak, she overwhelmingly offers no new solutions to the problems. Her ideas sound like a rehearsal of the same old excuses for failing to solve problems, and are the same ones that have not garnered enough support to move our nation’s economy forward. She has even excused herself early from candidates’ forums so as not to have to respond to the same difficult questions as the others did.

We do not need another insider who will be a flip-flopping liability in the Senate.

We need someone with real solutions. Danny Tarkanian is the only one who seems to be willing to put forth some ideas for solutions that are sustainable and supportable, including his willingness to stand up against illegal immigration.

Bob Widmar

Carson City

Motocross track would be a boon to Douglas

The Nevada Motocross Park is a wonderful and much-needed addition to a community that is in need of fun for kids of all ages. It focuses on the safety of its participants with direction control and mandatory use of protective gear. Individuals also ride with riders of matching skill levels, and learn life lessons like being good sports. It is also a place that offers people a chance to meet world champions of the sport in person, like Dick Mann, or to watch someone who might be a champion in the future.

It is a fantastic opportunity for riders of all ages and abilities to ride in an area without worries of disturbing other individuals using Bureau of Land Management land such as hikers, hunters and equestrians. Prior to the park, many who rode dirt bikes used the Pinenut Mountains.

As we all know, public land comes at a premium, and it is closed or restricted sometimes. So, building a track may, in turn, reduce abuse or misuse so that all can appreciate the undisturbed nature we are surrounded by.

After all, if you want to ski, you go to a ski resort, but if you want to ride a dirt bike, where can you go? The family of racers who enjoy time at the Nevada Motocross Park spend time and money in our community whether it be fuel or food, so many local businesses profit directly.

Nick Lazzarino


Motocross track should be out of sight, earshot

Motocross might have a place in Douglas County – a parcel of land situated in the well-worn trails in the remote hills and mountains far from the sight and earshot of any residential areas.

Steve Brown, Harvey Keith and their small but loudly enthusiastic group should be required to pay for this parcel, wherever it may be.

I can’t imagine why a number of adjacent counties have refused to allow them to set up. How could these other counties refuse to reap the wealth of money that a motocross track would bring into their threadbare coffers? After all, according to Bill Chernock of the Carson Valley Visitor’s Authority, motocross is very lucrative for Douglas County and its voters.

I have to ask how financially lucrative the present temporary motocross location on county land on Pinenut Road is for the homeowners and other residents of Douglas County? Answers are very obvious – to hell with the voters of Douglas County.

Steve Brown and Harvey Keith are applying yet again for a temporary permit for the very same site as last year.

The terms of two Douglas County commissioners, Dave Brady and Nancy McDermid, expire this year. They, along with three other commissioners who will face re-election in 2012, voted to allow motocross on Pinenut Road.

We, the voters of Douglas County, have the opportunity to remove Brady and McDermid by simply not re-electing them. Two down and three to go.

Jonathan Brown


Coyotes are a danger to livestock, pets

Coyotes are a menace, not only to livestock, but to our pets. My daughter’s Schipperke was in her yard and was taken by a coyote in broad daylight.

Adele Quintel