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Letters to the Editor July 10

Sandoval did Nevada disservice by vacating House seat

Have the Republicans taken their disfavor of big government to the extreme and allowed taxation without representation? So it seems to this independent voter.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval co-opted and vacated our House representation in order to situate Dean Heller in the Senate. Heller’s Congressional seat remains empty; our voice in the House is muted; our vote for important legislation is null.

The Congressional District 2 seat has been removed from Congress. A crucial debt ceiling vote is coming up and our opinion is discarded.

What can be heard is Heller’s voice saying, “Thanks for the leg up, Brian. I couldn’t do it by myself.”

Because politicians are slaves to the party and hold their constituents in disdain, it’s no wonder Americans hate politics and politicians. They are really just a bunch of conceited vainglorious phonies.

Robert A. Simpson


Throw those out of office who eased smoking law

Good question, Carla Brutico, R.N. You know and I know smoking is an addiction. It is also a killer. My beloved 31-year-old aunt died a long-suffering death from lung cancer, and I had to go to the cancer society non-smoking program for four weeks at age 61 to beat the addiction.

My doctor told me I had COPD and would die of it if I didn’t quit smoking. I quit and now I’ve had the most lavishly lovely 33 years of my life since. The money I spent on cigarettes would have kept me on cruise ships forever – dumb.

What will prevent further loss of this law? That’s easy. Throw the jerks out of office, never mind which party. Do it.

Nikki Campbell

Carson City

Tennessee resident enjoyed

time in Carson City

While vacationing in South Lake Tahoe this past week, I used a bike shop in Carson City. I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure doing business with them. I found them to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced.

They also provided me with local information that was helpful in deciding what to visit while in the area. With a business like this, I am sure they are a asset to the community.

What a beautiful city you have. I loved all the flowers downtown.

Jack O’Brien

Lakeland, Tenn.