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Letters to the editor July 15

Stop threatening wildlife

House spending bill threatens wildlife. Once again the government is willing to do ridiculous things and destroy wildlife for no justifiable reason (other than) money.

Whatever happened to taking responsibility, ethical behavior, do unto others?

Stop the ridiculous actions of politicians.

Steve Rose

Carson City

Protect our wildlife for our grandchildren

House spending bill threatens wildlife. Please protect all these animals for our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

Kathi Amrhein

Carson City

Cutting funding to protect species is unacceptable

The House Interior Appropriation Committee has passed a spending bill that would mean fewer protections for species at risk of extinction, more pesticides in our waters and less funding for our national wildlife refuges and other crucial conservation priorities.

This bill is an all-out attack on our environment and the natural treasures that are our children’s inheritance.

Sacrificing our wildlife and environment in the name of fiscal austerity is unacceptable.

Keli Brandenburg

Carson City