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Letters to the editor July 15

Ralston tried, failed to make Angle look bad

In the June 30 edition of the Nevada Appeal, Brian Duggan wrote a story describing an interview between the host of “Face to Face,” Jon Ralston, and U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle. Apparently, Duggan wasn’t provided enough space to tell the whole story.

Viewers have witnessed Ralson salivating over an opportunity to embarrass Sharron Angle. For a week or more, he lay in the tall weeds waiting to ambush her. He failed miserably.

Ralston is a Harry Reid lackey. He’s been licking Harry’s boots for years. Rather than helping his friend last Tuesday night, he helped to make Angle shine.

Angle’s visit with Ralston was not only an enormous boost for her campaign, she also thoroughly embarrassed Ralston. At one point, I noticed steam emanating from the ears of a red-faced, confused, left-wing radical Ralston.

Harry Reid and his thugs trained Ralston better. He was coached as to how to handle Angle in this interview. His arrogance and ignorance failed him again.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn evil Harry Reid used his influence to help Ralston get hired to perform on “Face to Face.” No point in passing up an opportunity to advance his socialist agenda. After the curtain dropped on Tuesday’s act, Reid may use these same connections to have Ralston terminated.

Sharron Angle made it clear where she stands on the issues. In addition, she’s pro-America while mad Harry isn’t. She has my support.

Robert Sennett

Carson City

We’re dead last; why not vote for change?

You know, I was having a real hard time deciding whether to vote again for Reid, or choose a change. Then I read Rick Van Alfen’s letter of July 7, and he really nailed it for me. He made my choice easy. Nevada is last in all the things he said, as well as last in receiving federal stimulus money. It doesn’t look like Reid has used whatever power he is supposed to have for Nevada’s sake. We still are last.

It’s time for a change, Harry. We can’t do any worse than last place.

Walt Owens

Carson City