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Letters to the editor July 18

Angle knows a Ponzi scheme when she sees one

Harry Reid and Edward Coyle seem confused about who’s running for Harry’s Senate seat. They seem to think it’s Sharron Angle’s grandfather. Seems Sharron’s grandpa equated Social Security to welfare and didn’t want to accept the checks.

If you remember your history, many early contributors to Social Security felt the same way as they quickly took out more than they ever paid in. It’s the same with all Ponzi schemes, and Social Security is the largest Ponzi scheme ever devised.

The Democratic House and Senate have raided the Social Security fund over the years to pay other programs they felt important. These same Democrats have bankrupted the system.

Sharron Angle’s position seems to be she wants to replace Social Security with a system that is self-sufficient and can’t be raided by thieving representatives and senators. That might irritate Harry as he thinks all money coming into D.C. is his to play with. She certainly isn’t telling people not to accept their lawfully earned Social Security payments, but she knows the Ponzi scheme has to end as all Ponzi schemes end – and that’s badly.

Anyone out there have Harry’s or Coyle’s phone number? Someone needs to tell them that Sharron’s grandpa ain’t running for the Senate.

Ron Landmann


Enact a lottery to pay for education

A state education lottery is not a gamble. Nevada should have a lottery to fund education. In a state that gets a major portion of its tax revenue from gambling, lottery revenue can help fund schools and teacher salaries.

Cutting education to balance the state budget has affected the quality of the education in Nevada. Several states already are using lotteries to help finance their children’s education. An education lottery can be made to only support education and keep Congress from appropriating those funds for other projects.

The gambling industry has opposed a lottery in Nevada, stating that it would take revenue from the casinos and decrease the tax base paid to the state by casinos. In the state of New Jersey, the casino revenue was not affected by their lottery. New York and New Jersey both have an education lottery and they are in the top 10 for state education rankings.

We need a source of funding outside the control of politicians, to help our children’s future and the future of Nevada.

Art Redmon

Carson City

It’s a witch hunt in Lyon molestation case

This is regarding the June 26 article, “Conviction upheld in Lyon County child molestation.” Since this article is more like a political ad for the Lyon County DA, I thought I could point out a few inaccuracies.

The appeal was filed and prosecuted by Richard Cornell, our appellate counsel, not Mr. Schlegelmilch. Mr. Schlegelmilch did not participate in the appeal at all. With Mr. Auer’s good name at stake and guessing that he knew what was in this article, he should have fessed up as to who wrote the appeals document, and since I can personally attest to his attendance in the courtroom for the appeals process, he should have known who presented the oral arguments.

Regarding the jury trial, the girl did respond affirmatively several times that our DA coached her before she took the stand. How can you pick a jury, question your witnesses and then remove yourself to become a witness against your witness?

A new age witch hunt: Convictions without any physical evidence. Can’t use lie detector tests even if you pass? What do you have to do to prove your innocence when just a mere rumor can start the ball rolling and you are inside of it?

A reminder to everyone interested, if Robert Auer remains DA, everyone in Lyon County is only an enemy away from 20 years to life, no proof needed.

Kelly Fraser