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Letters to the editor July 2

All of a sudden, Gibbons is an art lover

Oh, the irony of it all. Last year, through his budget recommendations, Gov. Gibbons nearly strangled the Nevada Department of Cultural Affairs into non-existence with budget cuts far more severe than those he mandated for the rest of state government departments.

Last week in the midst of 14 percent unemployment in Nevada and the governor threatening additional deadly 50 percent cuts to DCA agency budgets, this same governor has cheerfully supported the Board of Examiners approval of $20,000 for a museum-quality portrait of himself to hang in the Capitol building.

It now appears that Gov. Gibbons does understand that art and culture are worth having around and worth being paid for. Perhaps to avoid the proverbial egg on his face, Gov. Gibbons should look for private donations to pay for his portrait and should restore some crucial funding to DCA and its agencies to enable them to continue the vital work they do to enhance the quality of life for all Nevadans.

Sharon Rosse

Carson City

Candidate should not blame lender for woes

I make reference to the article written about Bob Guimont concerning the non-payment of his mortgage. At the time he purchased the home, he signed a disclosure statement, stating the amount he would have to pay back and the monthly payment, a note, deed of trust and a rescission agreement.

The lender had no idea whether the property would increase or decrease in value. It’s his decision whether he wants to pay the monthly payment or let the property go into foreclosure. I don’t understand how he can sue the lender for fraud, breach of contract and racketeering. When you buy a new car, just as soon as you drive it off the lot it has depreciated in value. Do you go back to the dealer and ask him to reduce the purchase price?

Don’t put the blame on the lender that his house has gone down in value, it is the sign of the times.

Don Logie

Carson City

Decades of damage to Social Security at hands of Democrats

Message to Harry Reid: I continue to be forced to watch your political commercial about Sharron Angle and her position on Social Security. As usual, you only mention part of her statement that suits your needs. Well, I think you need a reminder as to which political party has done the most damage to our SS system. These are but just a few of the changes:

• 1935 Social Security was enacted as a voluntary Trust Fund Program by Democrats and taxed at 1 percent of first $1,400 earned.

• 1951 SS (FICA) was deemed a mandatory participation by a Democratic Congress, but would be tax deductible.

• 1965 SS Trust Fund was moved to the General Spending Fund by the Democrats to be used for government programs, the most devastating change ever.

• 1965 SS was offered to American-born children of foreign parents by Democrats for social programs.

• 1977-1981 Democrats passed a law stating immigrants could draw from SS at 65 regardless if they paid into the fund or not.

• 1984 A Democrat-controlled Congress eliminated the income tax deduction from Social Security.

• 1993-2001 A Democrat president and Congress voted to tax SS annuities, currently taxed at approximately 8 percent.

So, after the Democratic Party has been violating, changing and constitutionally amending the original program over a period of 59 years, you have the audacity to make a statement that Sharron Angle wants to take away Social Security.

Royce Tuckness

Carson City

Better uses for money designated for portrait

It costs $20,000 for a painting of the governor? Are you kidding me? I wonder how much gravel could be purchased with those funds to improve the stopping power of the runaway truck ramp in Incline Village? I can’t believe this was approved. Way to go elected officials.

Shawne Martinez

Carson City