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Letters to the editor July 24

Help teach English through ESL program

In response to a letter to the editor of July 13 from Pat Watts, I would like to comment that I agree with her, not Angle, and inform Pat of my ESL In-Home Program which teaches non-English adults who want to learn to speak, read and write English.

There are adults who want to learn, but for various reasons, cannot attend classroom settings due to a lack of transportation, fees or babysitters, or to holding two to three jobs, which makes meeting class schedules impossible.

Our program teaches these adults on a one-on-one basis at their pace at no charge. In the six years of the program’s existence, it has helped more than 400 adults who can now communicate with children’s teachers and medical personnel with no translators needed. They can help with children’s homework, 59 have become U.S. citizens with the help of their tutors, most have found jobs, some have advanced in their jobs, some working in English-speaking shops, etc.

Pat, if you would like to help one adult who is eager to learn to speak, read and write English, please contact me at 888-2021. I will train you and provide instructional material at no charge.

Florence Phillips

executive director

ESL In-Home Program,

Carson City

Start cutting spending with governor’s portrait

Every time I look up at the wall behind my barber chair, I am reminded of the fact that I just don’t have enough government in my life. I have to maintain no less than four licenses just to cut a man’s hair. I have to maintain, of course, a Nevada barber’s license, and a Carson City business license. I also have to maintain a license to operate my barbershop in the state of Nevada. Oh yes, and as of a couple of years ago, I now have the Kenny Guinn Memorial State Business License. The latter increased 100 percent during the last two years.

Now our current governor is suggesting that the state eliminate Nevada’s barber and cosmetology boards and let the county health inspection people take over. There are several problems with this brilliant idea, one of which is the fact that the bureaucrats running the county health department are totally ignorant about the trades of barbering and cosmetology. I shudder to think of how long it would be before they began extorting even more money from me.

Gov. Gibbons, I have a real idea for saving our state some money. As I’m sure you already know, I am also a portrait painter. I would be willing to donate your official portrait to our Capitol building. This would save Nevada $20,000. You keep talking about cutting spending, so here’s a real opportunity to put our money where your mouth is.

Adam Baker

Carson City