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Letters to the editor July 29

Feral cats beneficial

for rodent control

The Carson Tahoe SPCA started their feral trap-neuter-release program several months ago. In that time, we have trapped 27 feral cats. These cats were all tested for feline aids, feline leukemia, spayed, neutered, vaccinated, ears tipped and received medical attention if needed.

These cats have not been released to fend on their own. They have been released to areas set up specifically for them. These cats have shelter, food and water stations maintained by volunteers and business owners who have requested feral colonies for rodent control. Some of these cats have been released to homeowners requesting small colonies for their barns.

Feral cats are a product of irresponsible pet ownership. They have been left behind or tossed aside when owners move. Unsterilized, these cats produce 2-3 litters a year. The kittens will be feral unless found and socialized at a very young age.

Anyone with a concern about the risks of feral cats and the community should check out the article in the LA Times regarding feral cats at Disneyland. They have more than 200 feral cats living in Disneyland and hidden feeding stations set up for them. They reap the benefit of non-poisonous rodent control. Park visitors won’t encounter one of these cats. They keep their distance from humans.

We continue to look for businesses and homeowners with barns who would be interested in a feral colony. Please contact the Carson Tahoe SPCA at 885-7766 for further information.

Susan Paul, president

Carson Tahoe SPCA

Former opponents come together to endorse Joiner

During the primary election campaign, we all had the opportunity to express our views on what Carson City needs to move forward. All of us agreed that even though we like some aspects of the proposed downtown redevelopment project, we would like to see more caution used when it comes to spending taxpayer funds. We would also like to see any tax increase placed before the voters.

The only remaining candidate for Ward 1 supervisor who shares these views with us is Rob Joiner. We believe that Rob has the common sense with the practical and community involvement experience to use taxpayer funds wisely. We also trust that Rob will listen to Carson City’s constituents on other issues and represent everyone equally. With this background, we wholeheartedly endorse Rob Joiner for Ward 1 supervisor.

Paul R. Saucedo, Norm Scoggin, Sean Lehmann,

Gary Schulz

Carson City